Finsherpa is coined from a combination of “Finance” and “Sherpa”. Ever tried climbing a big mountain aka Everest ?.. you will need a SHERPA to help you reach  the  Summit. We are inspired by these tribe of Mountain Climbers who put their life at risk to ensure that the individual reaches his aspiration of summitting

At Finsherpa Investments Private Limited, we work with the  wholistic needs of  our clients in ensuring that they receive the best possible advice and efficient execution,


Finsherpa with its customized Financial Planning tools is well poised to help you plan your finances … so that your short , medium and long term needs for money like your children’s college education or  your retirement etc is well provided for.  

We would not just stop there but help  you to take an informed decision on your investments and help review it periodically as well. 

The  process flow of the same is enclosed for your immediate reference. 


Establish Client - Sherpa Relationship

Help Clients Identity their Financial Goals

Analyse current Finances / Risk Profiling

Recommend Financial Plan & Investments

Implement the Plan

Monitoring & Review of the Investments


Finsherpa with a well experienced and qualified team of professionals and an experience of 80 years is the partner that you need to navigate these uncertain times to deliver the value you seek.

Our Vision

Finsherpa is the most preferred wealth creation partner for professionals and individuals in their middle age. 

Our Mission 

To reach out to all types of professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Corporate CXOs,  Non Resident Indians( NRIs) and other individuals in their middle  age with the view to help them plan and execute their investments to grow their wealth profitably.


Babu Krishnamoorthy

Chief Sherpa


Senior Sherpa


Senior Sherpani






Even as  we strive for the  skies akin to a large tree, our values remain rooted.
We remain committed  to our values that drive us


Investment advice provided is objective and transparent with intellectual honesty and impartiality.


Every team member possesses the knowledge and skill required to provide competent advice in their respective domains.


The trust and confidence bestowed upon us by our clients in sharing their personal information is maintained in strict confidence.


Finsherpa is sensitive to the needs of the client, understanding the unsaid and is proactive in anticipating Clients needs.


We strive to run a profitable operation as we believe that our long term survival is important to our clients whom we serve.

Quality Policy

We provide services that are available on time, efficient and acceptable to our clients.

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