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Corporate Executives

Are you a corporate executive holding a CXO position in a mid to large corporate? If yes, chances are that you have 15-hour days filled with back-to-back meetings, apart from frequent travels, both domestic and abroad, vying for a spot in your busy schedule. You are the leader your company is counting on to enable it stay at the top. You are expected to reinvent yourself and your company’s way of working so that you deliver profits quarter on quarter. You are admired by your team and dreaded by your competitors. 

Before you know it, the years have sped past you, almost in a hurry. Your kids, who were just toddlers yesterday, are off to do their masters now, ready to take their place in the world. 

You have limited time and energy to balance both your work as well as your family needs. It is quite challenging and tiring to strategize both at work and at home too. What are your family’s needs in the short, medium, and the long term? How much is your children’s education going to cost? Will the family be able to take the much-awaited vacation trip to Europe? 

Just as you are focused on your company’s growth, is there anyone that you can depend on to focus on your growth? Answer: Finsherpa, the financial Sherpa you can count on...  


Whether you are a Doctor, Advocate, Architect or any professional, you are usually on your own, playing by your own rules. Building your own practice and client base along the years meant balancing your day-to-day work with attending regular conferences and seminars, and constantly updating yourself to keep pace with the changing world. As a professional you have striven to constantly add tremendous value to all your clients. 

How much of attention have you been paying to your own long term financial needs ? while this is not your favourite subject or matter of interest, it is a significantly important task as it is imperative that you have a long term financial plan so that you are in a good place financially should you need to retire or take it a bit easy. 

At finsherpa, we understand your world as a professional and will work to adding tremendous value to  your long term wealth creation. 


As a businessman/entrepreneur, the buck always stops with you. You are always the last man standing. While it is a heady feeling when you are introduced as an Entrepreneur, deep down you know that it is a huge burden to fend for yourself, your family, your entire team of people, and their families as well. But it’s the joy of waking up every morning to new challenges and solving them profitably that has got you this far. You are someone who sees setbacks as the opportunities to plan your next big jump to reach the next orbit of growth for your company. 

While at the helm of your company, you have always put other stakeholders’ needs above your own, but businesses don’t always go north, and you also have a family to think about. There are difficult times when your business needs you to take a pay cut. Does that mean your family should bear the brunt of it? Or can you plan a second income for your family that will help maintain the status-quo despite business issues and disruptions? 

At Finsherpa, we work with entrepreneurs in helping them channelize their business surpluses to generate liquidity that’s required for their business’ needs while also creating a second income for their family. 

Non Resident Indian (NRIs)

Non-Resident Indians are a large investor segment that invests in the Indian Markets. Traditionally, because of sentiment as well as proximity, NRIs have been a major investment force that has been investing in India for a variety of reasons. But the two top reasons are: 

  1. The investment opportunities in many developed economies are limited and the returns are very little as compared to what they can expect from emerging markets like India. Hence a small diversification would give them an opportunity to benefit from the growth of India, as it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
  2. The NRIs are reasonably well connected with their motherland and feel a strong sense of attachment to the country. They feel invested in the country’s growth story and feel a certain pride in investing in home-grown companies. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that NRIs are a substantial investment segment in the country. 

Two of many key issues to be kept in mind for NRIs are: a) Currency arbitrage in investments b) Taxation laws, especially double taxation treaties between India and their country of residence. 

Finsherpa will work with you to ensure that all aspects relating to your India based investments are kept up to speed and in line, both from a regulatory standpoint, as well as taking advantage of market opportunities. 


This is what you have been dreaming of ever since you started working. This is your reward for putting in those 60–70 hour weeks. No more crazy deadlines, overnight trips abroad, late night meetings with clients and so on... those days are finally behind you. Now, early morning walks by the beach beckons you; the first rays of the Sun welcome you; laughter with friends over a cup of coffee after the walk awaits; lunch with the memsahib, catching up on the neighbourhood gossip; a short siesta afterwards, and finally caping it off with an evening stroll around the colony. In between all these, you attend a few board meetings and a handful of consulting assignments to keep the grey cells active. 

But to enjoy your life in these golden years you must be financially secure and money-related woes or anxiety should be the least of your concerns. You must have enough in your nest egg that you are not put in a position to take mindless risks trying to earn money. 

Retirement always comes with a little anxiety as age brings with it its own set of medical issues and complications and we need to have enough money to deal with that. We will also worry about running the risk of outliving all our investments. 

At Finsherpa, we understand exactly what the retirees feel, and our customized investment solutions are designed to provide you with the right solutions to make your life worry-free. 


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