What is in a Thought ?

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Quite a lot apparently. 

We all get  millions of thoughts everyday, some good ones, some bad ones, some happy , some sad… depending on the various stuff happening around us, our thoughts keep changing. Like the weather, sometimes sunny, sometimes shady and at other times dark. We don’t control any of it, it flows through us and we live that experience and behave as it deems us. Sometimes we feel powerless.  

But time and again from ancient Buddhist to Stoic philosophers have alluded that your thought is what you become. 

You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about the most – Rhonda Bryne , Best selling author of THE SECRET 

If this is true, then we must always think positive things and avoid negativity in our thoughts as well. 

 In the savings & investing world, I have witnessed this. Some people have a habit of saying that they don’t have money,  whenever they need to make a decision about money. I have never seen them have money ever, their situation never changes. Instead the way to look at this would have been to change the narrative a bit like this,  “ while I have lots of money, I am not interest in spending money for this”.  While this may appear to be the same as the previous statement, it is hugely different from a sub conscious  thought process perspective.. the second statement puts you in a place of positive power and helps attract more money whilst making it clear that you would choose carefully how to use your money. 

So in the coming  new year I would urge you to  commit to one positive money message that you would have as a central theme, this needs to be something that you aren’t good currently with and want to change. Example

If you struggle to save money – I am good at saving money daily ;

If you struggle at planning your money – I am good at financial planning;

If you struggle at excessive Spending  - I am only going to spend as per a plan ; 

While these are just examples, and may appear simple and you may even wonder how this can help you change. Believe me keep these reaffirmations in a few places that you see often everyday, say as your screensaver, or paste it on  your bathroom mirror. Let yourself be repeatedly exposed to it, and repeat it in your mind whenever you see. You will start seeing your behaviour change within the month. Over the next 12 months, you would see yourself as a financially successful person. Please spend 5 minutes documenting the change you are noticing every week, in 52 weeks you will be quite a different person who would have replaced one bad money habit with a healthy one. 

You can’t predict the future, but you can control your thoughts; 

Your thoughts shape your action ; 

Your action done repeadly become your habit ;

Your habits surely influence your future positively. 

So what is your positive Money Thought for 2021. 

Mine is ABUNDANCE, let me know yours

Wishing you and your family  a very happy 2021.

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