Financial Review and Planning for 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Welcome to Finsherpa! We are dedicated to financial literacy and have created a library of over a hundred videos covering various financial topics. Take a moment to explore our library and share your thoughts with us. Today, we will discuss what you should consider for a secure financial future.

I know exactly what you're thinking. We are on the verge of a new year. By the way, I want to wish you and your family a joyful 2024. However, it's not only about the wishes. It's about transforming 2024 into an extraordinary year for you and your family in every way. Nevertheless, I'm here to discuss the financial planning for 2024. How can this year become the most beneficial, profitable, and prosperous year for you and your family?

The purpose of this blog is to address this matter. It's important to plan for the future and reflect on the past year. Before setting new goals, it's important to review your financial performance. This is the key to achieving success.

2023 - 2024 Financial Review and Planning - Steps to Follow to Review the past year 2023 - Finsherpa

Essential Financial Review: 2024 Steps to Follow

Reviewing your 2023 finances assists in identifying accomplishments and obstacles, laying the groundwork for strategic planning and making smarter financial decisions in the coming year. Here are some of the aspects you should focus on as a part of financial planning in 2024.

Income and Expenditure

How did your income measure up to your expectations and budget for this year? Did you achieve the desired increase in income? Were you able to obtain salary raises and planned bonuses? Analyze the numbers that were deposited into your bank account.

Evaluate the spending patterns in your expenses. This analysis will reveal the portion of your expenses that were necessary and the portion that could have been avoided. This information is essential when doing financial planning for 2024, as it enables you to make informed decisions about your income and expenditures. Remember, understanding your financial patterns is key.

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Investment Performance

Gather all your investments together and assess their performance. While some may be thriving given the current market situation, others might not be performing as expected. Now is the ideal time to evaluate and make any necessary adjustments so that your investments can flourish and yield beautiful results in the future.

Debt Management

Review your loans. How well is your home loan doing? What interest rates are you paying? How is your car loan performing? What are your credit card dues? How much have you used your credit card this year? Conduct an analysis. This will provide valuable insights into how effectively you have managed your debt.

Career and Income Growth

Consider your career goals and how they have unfolded. Ultimately, our income is derived from our profession or job. Have you made progress in terms of knowledge and learning in your career or job, and have your earnings kept up with that?

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Risk Management

Assess whether your life insurance and term insurance are suitable for your current situation. Do you need to increase the coverage to handle other expenses? Similarly, is your health insurance adequate? Should you consider reevaluating it? Ask yourself these questions and take action accordingly.

Check The Progress Of Your Goals

How have the past year's experiences helped you make progress toward your family and personal goals, such as your children's education or your retirement plans? Have you been able to convey your thoughts effectively, or have you had to allocate some of your retirement savings toward unforeseen expenses?

It's crucial to understand these details, especially during this time of the year, typically between the 20th and the 31st. It's a relatively quiet time at work, providing an opportunity for self-reflection. Nevertheless, we encourage you to prioritize evaluating your financial well-being.

Tax Planning

Have you taken all the necessary steps to optimize your taxes? It's extremely important. If you have finished everything and gained a good understanding of your actions and what to avoid next year, you are now in the perfect position to set goals for 2024.

2023 - 2024 Financial Review and Planning - Budget and Expense Management - Finsherpa

Essential Financial Goals for 2024

Make sure to save money regularly, pay off debts, and make wise investments for a stable future. Set realistic financial goals, keep track of your expenses, and prioritize saving to establish a solid financial base. Here are some of the goals to start with.

Define Clear Objectives

Ensure that you have a precise aim for your financial goals in 2024. Your objectives should follow the SMART criteria. SMART is an abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realizable, and Time-bound. 

These steps are simple to follow when setting goalposts and can also be reviewed. The R in SMART stands for review. You can extend your 2023 goal post to 2024 as long as it aligns with your desired path. Ensure that your goalpost is clearly defined.

Budget And Expense Management

To control your unnecessary expenses, it is essential to have a well-defined budget. Stick to this budget to generate extra money that can be invested in achieving your financial goals. Make it a habit to review your budget monthly and transfer any savings towards investments that will aid you in reaching your goals.

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Reframe your Investment

Examine your investments and reconsider them in light of the present situation. If you need to reallocate your portfolio, go ahead and make the necessary changes. However, ensure that your investments are future-proof and aligned with your goals. Additionally, keep track of the amount you intend to increase your investment over the years through your savings.

Ensure Your Insurance Coverage Meets Your Current Needs

Tailor your insurance to match your personal needs, covering both life and health. This is a great opportunity. Now, explore the many innovative new products available. Stay up-to-date on these offerings, whether online or offline. There are various options to choose from. Keep yourself informed.

Debt Reduction

It's important to have a plan in place to settle all your high-cost loans. Keeping those expensive loans isn't worthwhile, especially if you have unpaid credit card bills. Pay them off right away and commit to avoiding credit card debt in 2024. You'll see the benefits in the end. So, make sure you have a debt management plan.

If you have a high-cost debt, like a personal loan you took before, make a plan to pay it off by 2024. Contribute a fixed amount each month to gradually eliminate it. Remember, with a solid plan, anything is achievable.

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Tax Planning

Calculate your taxes and make sure to optimize them in the next three months, so you don't end up with a significant tax payment by the end of this financial year.

Career Development

When you have developed your skills and become more efficient in your job, it's advisable to go back to your employer and negotiate for a higher salary. It's essential to prioritize growing your income and savings, as they will support your investments. If you are an entrepreneur, working harder will result in increased profits.

Retirement Planning

It's important to reconsider your retirement goals. Take a while to consult your family and determine if the amount you initially thought was adequate. If not, adjust your goals and begin contributing towards them.

Emergency Fund

Assess if the emergency fund you initially created is still applicable. Is the current amount satisfactory, or do you need a greater sum at this stage?

Review Periodically

In general, if you handle all of these things, I believe that 2024 will be a highly profitable year for you. However, you need to schedule regular review processes. These are all just plans, and plans must be put into action and reviewed.

Therefore, establish a review system throughout the year to ensure that if you deviate from the plan, the review mechanism will help you get back on track. This can be done every three or four months.

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The Bottom Line

Make sure to establish a system for reviewing whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you find these tasks overwhelming, it's a good idea to seek assistance from a financial advisor or a mutual fund distributor. Having someone help you achieve your financial well-being is beneficial. Wishing you and your family a prosperous and happy 2024!

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