Are you too lazy to invest ?

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Laziness is an affliction that impacts us all to varying degrees. 

King and his lazy kingdom

(1). Once upon a time, there was a king who was very hardworking but his kingdom was lazy. They never did the work on time. The king decided to do something for this problem.

(2). The king said that the well in the other kingdom has been filled with the gold. And whoever would bring it first, he will be allowed to sleep all day and would be given a maid to do his work on his behalf.

(3). Otherwise they have to do their work as soon as said. They all agreed. When they arrived there was nothing but water. They dig all the well but got nothing. When they came back to their kingdom they had to work hard for their king.

So when I see a student failing to complete assignments or an executive missing deadlines, or not delivering results in other aspects of their life, I am asking myself : what are the situational factors holding this student from completing his assignments on time or the executive from completing his task before the deadline ? What needs are currently not being met? And, when it comes to behavioral “laziness,” I’m especially moved to ask: what are the barriers to action that I can’t see?

There are always barriers. Recognizing those barriers— and viewing them as legitimate — is often the first step to breaking “lazy” behavior patterns.

If a person’s behavior doesn’t make sense to you, it is because you are missing a part of their context. It’s that simple. 

Let us now understand some of the barriers to investing :


  1. Don’t understand where to start ? for most people the problem is they know that they need to save and invest, but just don’t know where to start and what to do ? 
  2. Because it is a new thing that one is unfamiliar, we would continue to stick to familiar things and ignore or postpone to a better time’ 
  3. The current market news is that Stock market is high or stock market has crashed, etc.. 
  4. We would like stay with the majority even if that decision is unwise, FD or RD or Savings Account..
  5. A likely pain from a loss is a huge deterrent to action even if the prospect of a gain is there. The pain is always predominant to the gain. 
  6. We prefer to have moneys in short term FDs than commit to long term savings like Equity MF, because the latter needs some planning and some exercise of judgement ; 

Ways to overcome the barriers to starting your investments :

  1. Find an accountability Partner ;
  2. Move moneys from your savings bank account ; 
  3. Make a simple plan of how you are going to invest your savings slowly in small tranches ; diversify
  4. Review this atleast once every six months ; 
  5. Celebrate and recalibrate every year ; 

Babu Krishnamoorthy, Chief Sherpa

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